“Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is…”

—Michael J. Fox, actor, author, activist

Sometimes, these days appear to be so challenging. It gets tiring watching the arguing or hearing the hype. It can get so overwhelming and so constant that there are times we forget the truth… that we are ALL different, so we are all the same. That when we look closely, and truly “see” with our hearts, differences are realized to be wondrous and spectacular. We are all meant to be celebrated.

We’re All in this Together.  So, Let’s Be Nice to Each Other.

There are so many ways to love our neighbor. So much community and commonality open to us. All possibilities abound. Every moment invites a new perspective, a new route, a new idea. Every moment gives us an opportunity to be accepting of all our differences.

“Acceptance does not mean liking, wanting, choosing, or supporting.”

Rather, you’re choosing to allow it to be …
To make space for it.”

—Megan Bruneau, M.A., Psychotherapist

Share a Laugh. Have Some Fun!

Next time we’re in the grocery line, or in traffic, or on the phone with customer service, let’s promise to really “see” the other person. Let’s try giving them the benefit of doubt. Let’s share. Let’s respond calmly. Let’s crack a joke.

Let’s simply accept people for who they are.
Let’s remember our truth.

Have you ever said, “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to say that”?

Then read “Say What You Mean. Mean What You Say”

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