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Fearlessness does not always take the form of kings.
Fearlessness is in the child.
The first moment of rising, of standing, of walking, is a testament to the fearlessness of spirit.

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Confessions of a Helicopter Daughter

ELIN HAMPTON navigates the complicated parent – child relationship as she travels the road from doting daughter to letting go as her father ages…

What Would Jim Carrey Do?

One day in the hospital, this mischievous and funny and loud child came out of me. Because I got bored. "Not allowing fear to cover up my playful heart."- Jim Carrey A Jim...

Sam Toft Mentioned You In A Comment

~ Guest Writer, Myra Slotnick ~The other day, someone I follow on Facebook, someone I admire, mentioned me in a comment. This may not sound like much but there is a...





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