Meet Michel Pascal. His gentle manner and loving warmth is so engaging. He really made an impression on me. I met Michel at the Bodhi tree in Los Angeles. At the that event, besides his speaking, he sang for us and so moved me… just like a “maestro’s operatic voice which is truly a blessing”. We met in Los Angeles and the moment we stepped into his sanctuary we were transported. All the noise and chaos and stress of the city seemed to melt away. His years working with relaxation techniques have truly developed within him a warm, kind, peaceful presence.

Michel has recently moved to America to spread his word. Before that Michel lived in the Himalayas at the Kopan Monastery. He studied for many years with his mentor, the late Buddhist master Chepa Dorje Rinpoche. He has also studied with Theologian Psychologist Jean- Yves Leloup and the “top one-hundred most important pioneers in science for the 21st century” neuroscientist, Dr. Mario Beauregard.

Michel has written twenty books, nineteen in French and his newest one in English. Titled “Meditation for Daily Stress” it has very down to earth techniques to help us all right now let it go and find peace.

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