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Jean Trebek talks with Chris Cantore and Meryl Klemow on 100.7 San Diego’s The Cantore Show about

We were so happy to have insidewink founder Jean Trebek call into the show this morning to kick-start “Tell Me Something Good”!

The Cantore Show
100.7 San Diego
Chris and Meryl spoke with Jean this morning and it all ended with a big universal “Thank You!”

San Diego radio hosts Chris Cantore and Meryl Klemov are sharing the good! Every Friday their program, The Cantore Show on 100.7 San Diego, has a segment called “Tell Me Something Good!” and Jean was asked to call in to talk about insidewink. The three really hit it off – talking about Jean’s inspiration for insidewink, her husband – Alex and celery juice! Chris & Meryl – we’re fans!!

The Cantore Show, 100.7 San Diego

What else is Jean talking about?

Check out her Respect Farm posts here

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