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The past is only what happened in a different time.
It does not dictate your choices.
It is not you.
It does not reflect on the present unless you let it.
It’s up to you.


insidewink’s weekly affirmations:

Positive reminders to encourage, motivate and inspire. Challenge yourself to repeat them, believe in them and eliminate self-sabatoging or negative thoughts.

The Ed Asner Family Center

Ed Asner had a dream of changing the world and helping special needs families… and it’s reality now with the Ed Asner Family Center.


Allow your heart to dance.Allow your smile to be shared.Allow your mind to follow a cloud.Today.Allow...   insidewinksubscribeinsidewinksubscribe


The universe is waiting…Lean back, trust,and open upto the surrender that allows thetruest sense of you toleap forward. - Alison Martin insidewink’s weekly affirmations:...





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