Spiritual teacher, international bestselling author and philanthropist Lorna Byrne has dedicated her life to remind humanity of the spiritual potential within us all. She is the author of seven best-selling books, including Angels in My Hair. Her teachings are the result of a remarkable gift, a divine connection providing her with incredible, detailed knowledge of the spiritual side of life.


Alison Martin: Hi, Jean.

Jean Trebek: Hi, Alison.

Alison Martin: How are you?

Alison Martin: I’m great. Oh, great. We saw a movie last night and it was really fun just to. I haven’t gone to a movie in, like, an a theater in a while. You go pretty regularly, right?

Jean Trebek: I go, like, maybe once a month. Yeah.

Alison Martin: Yeah, I love movies.

Jean Trebek: Me too.

Alison Martin: I just love it. And I loved being in the big theater, and I just loved it. It was really fun. Yeah. Go see a movie.

Jean Trebek: Go see a movie.

Alison Martin: And that’s it for today. Thanks for tuning in today. Actually, no. We even have the most special of guests today, Lorna Byrne.

Jean Trebek: Yes, she communicates with angels and she’s had this, I want to say gift, but it’s just an extension of her, her beingness. She communicates with angels ever since she was a little girl.

Alison Martin: She sees them and talks with them. And she’s so peaceful and beautiful. And she was talking to us from Ireland.

Jean Trebek: Which was fun because I just came back from Ireland and I was on cloud nine.

Alison Martin: There  you go. And you’re wearing your Irish sweater.

Jean Trebek: I am.

Alison Martin: So she was just so lovely and I had not been familiar with her. And now I love her.

Jean Trebek: Yeah, I have been familiar with her. She wrote a book back in 2009 which really put her on the map called Angels in My Hair, and she just gives so many fascinating stories about the truth of angels and their existence and their big desire to help.

Alison Martin: Yeah, it really just was, so… It brought me to tears a little bit. Speaking with her, she’s so sweet. We know you’re going to love her. So here’s here’s Lorna Byrne.

Lorna Byrne: Hi, Alice. And Alison. Is it Alison?

Alison Martin: Yes hi, Lorna!

Lorna Byrne: And Jean. I’m very bad with names.

Alison Martin: That’s okay.

Jean Trebek: You’re in good company.

Lorna Byrne: Good, good. So I’m looking forward to chatting with you. So whatever’s going to happen.

Jean Trebek: Yes.

Alison Martin: Well, we’re so happy that you’re taking this time to talk with us because your books and just you are so, so interesting and fascinating, actually.

Jean Trebek: And I want to just say right off in the beginning here. How much, I think the angels, their presence now is being recognized more and more. Do you do you sense that?

Lorna Byrne: Yes I do. You know, it’s like, more and more people of all ages are recognizing that. Maybe they will say, sometimes, maybe I have a guardian angel. Maybe that’s why I got out of that situation with that help, you know. So it’s lovely. And I just love the way God uses the angels.

Jean Trebek: Yes.

Alison Martin: And you’ve always seen angels. That’s always right?

Lorna Byrne: Always. Um, I didn’t know now they were angels. You have to remember, when I was very tiny, I didn’t know it was only when I was older. So I don’t know what it’s like for you. Like, to me, I couldn’t imagine if you were in this room with me not seeing your guardian angel there as well, or any other angel or a soul of a loved one, or something fleeting by in that sense, you know. So it’s normal for me. Just like it’s normal for you – sitting there with each other and and what you feel and see around you.

Alison Martin: So right now, when you’re looking at us, are you seeing angels around us?

Lorna Byrne: No, no, that seldom happens. That seldom happens on very rare occasions. And that would happen. Um, but sometimes I don’t know how they do the communication. But sometimes if you ask something, your guardian angel may answer it. It’s passed. I don’t know how they do it, how I can, so I can’t explain everything, but I try.

Alison Martin: That’s beautiful.

Jean Trebek: You know, personally, I have felt very connected to the angels and have listened to a lot of sound healing from the angelic realms. And can you tell us the difference between an archangel and a guardian angel?

Lorna Byrne: It’s a lovely question. Um, well, for a start, your guardian angel was appointed to you before your soul even came – before you were conceived, and it can’t leave you for one second. You know, and it just loves you unconditionally, no matter what. And I love that personally myself. You know, in that, that there’s someone there that loves me unconditionally. You know, no matter what I’ve done or what I’ve gone through in my life, they see me as unique and beautiful and that goes for everyone. And it’s the gatekeeper of your soul. But an archangel, an archangel can be with hundreds and thousands of people, as far as I can make out, all at the same time. They can be here with me and yet be all over the world at the same time. And I can’t explain that.

Alison Martin: Right. Could you tell us a little bit about in your book what you call -Unemployed Angels?

Lorna Byrne: Oh, I love the Unemployed Angels. I suppose I’ve never told this before, but, um, you know, one time when I was in Ballymun and we were living in our aunt’s house at the time because the roof had fallen in and everything like that, so we became homeless and, um, I was up at the top of the road kind of was like a T junction. And I was standing there and giving out, and then just my guardian angel and angel hostess just said, look up, and I could see these angels tumbling down. And the only way I can describe them, if you can imagine this enormous angel curled up in a ball like. And then just as they come down to the earth, just quite close, they start to straighten up. And it’s like they land perfectly, but their feet don’t touch the ground. And I call them unemployed angels, because on that particular evening and there was a neighbor, you know, up the road a bit, and he was struggling with, I don’t know exactly what he was struggling with, but he was pulling things in and out of his garden, you know, and I just remember saying saying, you know. Angel hostess the man could do with a helping hand. And I was just asked, well, what would you like to call these angels? And because they have nothing to do and I just said unemployed. So they have been called the unemployed angels.

Alison Martin: I like that term unemployed angels because it makes me feel there’s angels all around just waiting to help.

Lorna Byrne: Oh, yeah. Like even your guardian angel. Like even the archangels, you know, so many different angels that are called in to help us all of the time. But the unemployed angels, I love them because I would often see them. You know, I could be walking down, like here in Kilkenny. You know, the back streets are real tiny. So, you know, even if it’s not busy, it’s busy. And yet, you know, just watching the unemployed angels moving in and out between people. And I would know that they’re hoping that someone in their mind or, you know, God could do with a helping hand or this is really heavy because I would often see, you know, the angels, all of a sudden an unemployed angel go straight to a person. And I know that person – something must have gone through their mind and called on them, even if they didn’t know. And I love that.

Alison Martin: It’s beautiful.

Jean Trebek: Lorna, so you say several times in your books that one must ask for help. Can you talk about that?

Lorna Byrne: I say that because it’s like as if – how can I say it? It’s like as if the whatever help you ask for, you have empowered your guardian angel and all the angels. You have empowered even the souls of loved ones. The question I haven’t really been asked before in the way you’ve asked it. And that seems to, you know, you’ve asked for it, so you’ve given permission. You have to remember no angel can overstep your choice or your free will in any way. And I love that. That’s why, you know, ask! Pester them! It doesn’t mean you’ll get it either. Like I’ll say that as well.

Jean Trebek: That’s true.

Lorna Byrne: You know, the most important thing is that if you’re striding down an area or a road and you’re heading for something and you believe it’s for you, at least you’re trying, and if it’s to be, it will turn out that way, you know? But if it’s not to be, they will turn you in another direction for something better. And I love that. Like, you know, I’ve heard that from so many, especially women, by the way, more so than men and all around the world – They say they were so focused on something and asking God and asking their guardian angel and the archangels, every angel they could call in, you know, for some particular thing to work out for them because they believed it was for them and they could do it and it would be greatly successful. And then say, Lorna, we’re so glad we didn’t get it. I’m so glad it didn’t happen, because look at what I have now is a million times better. And that’s the important thing to try and not be so disappointed. And when something doesn’t succeed for you because you have learned a lot, you know, and that learning is probably for something else, you need it. You need it.

Alison Martin: That’s right.

Jean Trebek: There’s that great quote that says, be careful what you wish for.

Alison Martin: Could you just for our listeners – what is an angel?

Lorna Byrne: And that’s a lovely question. An angel is light. You know, they’re like a beam of light. But I think this is the part of the question you’re asking. But they give a human appearance within that beam of light not just within it… It’s like the whole beam of light takes the human appearance on. And I love the way their clothing can change. And they’re neither male nor female either, but their clothing is not like ours. You know, we take off our clothing. Their clothing is part of them. I think that is very beautiful because many a time when I’d be looking at an angel, it’s… I have spoken a little bit about the depth of an angel. It’s like you could step into them, you could go through one, you know, one fold on the clothing and you’re somewhere else in that sense, it’s like as if it’s never ending. But they are very beautiful. I have never seen an ugly angel as humans say, use that word. And I have never seen an angel be angry or, you know, they’re always so kind and so loving. Their love for us is unconditional. Like your guardian angel’s love for you and everyone’s guardian angel out there, their love for them is unconditional. And to your guardian angel, you are…it’s number one and it only has eyes for you. It’s not interested in Alice. They’re sitting beside you, you know. Or I’m bad with names or Jean’s? Your guardian angel is not interested in Alice sitting there beside you.

Alison Martin: Alison

Lorna Byrne: Alison. Alison. Right.

Alison Martin: It’s okay.

Lorna Byrne: Well, this is part of being dyslexic as well, so… It just happens.

Alison Martin: Totally. Doesn’t matter.

Lorna Byrne: I just love that the way your guardian angel loves you unconditionally. And it’s there for you and you’re it’s number one. And it only has eyes for you. And you’re perfect and unique to your guardian angel. And you’re absolutely beautiful, you know, and it’s the gatekeeper of your soul. So you know that spark of light, your soul is, you know, that spark of light of God. So your guardian angel is in the presence of a human being, but of God as well. And I think that is so powerful.

Alison Martin: So, what you just said brings almost tears to my eyes. So it’s a part of God. An angel is because we’re all really maybe like a part of God. But they are created to solely help us and be present for us.

Lorna Byrne: Yeah. And I would agree definitely with that. Um, I’m severely dyslexic, so I don’t read… Don’t send me off somewhere because, you know, the angels don’t help me anymore because I had to learn myself, you know? But if you tell me, you go left and right, I have to figure or that code out before I even head off. Then I’m trying to figure out the code and if a sign changes, forget it – like even if the ladies and gents bathrooms and I’m in another country and I don’t recognize the sign. I have so many gone into gents because I was so sure that was the ladies, you know, so sure, so positive in that, in that way. Um, so, you know, it’s it’s to believe in yourself as well. You know, that’s what your guardian angel wants you to do is to believe in you as it as it believes in you. You know, you believe in yourself. And I’m all the time saying to so many people of all ages, men and women and children and teenagers, you know. Do your best to love yourself like your guardian angel loves you. You know, your guardian angel sees you as unique and beautiful. Why not see you yourself that way? Why not believe in yourself as your guardian angel believes in you? And I know it’s so important for us to love ourselves so we can love others as well. More. And but I love the way sometimes when I’d see someone sad or down, you know, and the guardian angel holding a light or having other guardian other not guardian angels, other angels, you know, come and hold a light in front of someone that is beautiful to see.

Jean Trebek:  Lorna, is there a specific way to connect with your guardian angel? But since they’re with us all the time, is it just asking them?

Lorna Byrne: And I would say there’s no specific way, you know, just ask. Just give yourself a chance. If you don’t believe, you know, if you’re suspicious and all that kind of thing, give yourself a chance. Say to yourself, you know, what have I got to lose? You’ve actually nothing to lose, only to gain, you know, and ask for that help, you know. And lots of times people will ask for a sign. Now, sometimes people might ask for, you know, a brand new house to come along or a car to come along or, you know, crazy things that won’t happen because signs are very hard for the angels to do. But when you get to know your guardian angel, the signs become easier because you start to recognize them. And maybe your guardian angel in the future knows that you know you want this house or this car, and maybe it will happen. And you have to then smile at yourself and say, well, 20 years ago I just laughed at the idea, saying, and now I know I have it, but a lot of things would have had to happen in order for that to happen. But most people will ask for, you know, a feather. Or a phone call. And some some people now are asking just for a smile.

Lorna Byrne: Someone to smile at me. And I think that’s very, very beautiful. And I often hear the strangest stories of people saying, you know, they never believed when they asked for a feather. They thought it was, you know, crazy. It would never happen. And, you know, they said it didn’t happen straight away. You know, it could be six months down the road. And at a time when they were kind of saying, I could do with that sign now because of where I am. And you’d hear people telling you, you know, they picked up the tablecloth and a feather came from under it, or, you know, they opened a drawer and there was never feathers at all. And then or a book, something like that. Or always remember a lady, you know, with her shoe, like she says. But Lorna, there has never been feathers in my home, not even in the pillows, you know, in that, in that way. But the other one is a flower. And a lot of people would ask for a bouquet of flowers or something like that. Um, but I bet now if it came into your head to give someone a bouquet of flowers, you’d probably put it off…

Lorna Byrne: So the angels work really, really hard. They put the thought into your head to do something for someone else. That’s a sign, because they can’t hand them the flowers. But children are very good at listening to their guardian angel. You know, and have often seen witnessed it happening loads of times where a child will pick a wild flower and run over to a stranger and hand it to them. Yes, you know that’s your flower or your bouquet of flowers that’s it all wrapped up. But sometimes I have seen where someone said thanks to the child, gave them a smile and walked off, and then threw it away. So they threw away their sign in that sense. So I’m always trying to just make people help them to just be aware. It’s to be aware to see the good things in your life, the blessings in your life, not to be seen all the time, the negative.

Alison Martin: With so much going on in the world right now, and when you describe, your whole presence gives off the love that you’re talking about. And there’s so much going on in the world right now. And I was wondering when something like a war happens or something like that, do angels cry because they love us so much?

Lorna Byrne: Um, I have never seen them cry as in the way we cry, but I have seen and know what’s happening even now and millions of angels have, what would you say? Flocks to that area, to those areas. Even to places where you don’t know where there’s trouble, but you haven’t heard about it in that way. And the unemployed angels, I always ask people, you know, you don’t have to send an unemployed angel to a friend or someone who believes. How about sending it to a stranger? How about asking for the unemployed angels? More of them, you know, to go to the places where horrific things are happening, you know, and people are doing that. I think that is that’s those who are not in a bad area as such in the world. You know, we’re sending love, we’re caring, we’re praying and we’re doing anything else we can. Because I did watch a bit of the news just a little while ago, and I was just praying and asking, God, send all the angels there, all the comfort that can be given. And, somehow, peace to come somehow, because it’s not simple. You know, we all think it’s simple, but it’s not simple, you know, and especially when you see a child on the TV, on the news and they say, but I did nothing wrong…That’s heart rendering. You know, when a child says something like that.

Speaker4: We’re really living through a time of where I think faith is so, so important. And it sounds like when you talk about like the feather or they send daily miracles we can see.

Lorna Byrne: Yeah. Miracles happen all the time. Like the three of us talking is a miracle, you know? How did it happen? Nothing happens in the sense of I know God and the angels are working very, very hard, you know, to soften our hearts. You know, regardless of the pain and hurt we have gone through and and even our loved ones that have gone ahead of us, they’re touching our hearts, as well. And we need our hearts touched. We need our soul touched. We’re human beings and we’re a spiritual being as well. And that’s the spark of light of God. That’s the spiritual part. But the human part has great difficulty. If someone says something nasty to you, you will take it personally or if somebody runs somebody else down and that makes them then feel very down and depressed within themselves – that’s the human part. But the angels and the souls of loved ones are all the time reaching out to us to get us to have a bigger heart. And one thing the angels always said to me from the time I was very small, Lorna – and they use big words and I could never pronounce the word Lorna – Don’t take it personal. They know no better. Give them a hug. And I still do that today.

Alison Martin: That’s wonderful. What do you think? What do you. What do you think heaven is?

Lorna Byrne: Oh, that’s a lovely question to be asked as well. Well, heaven is beyond your comprehension completely. And again, that’s a word the angels and God always use to me, you know. And I could never say it, by the way, until maybe I was getting the hang of it. Maybe ten years ago. And now I can say it.

Jean Trebek: Very good.

Lorna Byrne: It has taken all my life. But heaven is a place that when you go there, when it’s your time, when your guardian angel – how can I say this? – But it’s like your guardian angel reaches in. And sometimes, even before that, I would see the guardian angel already holding on to the soul of someone. But the soul is beautiful, you know? And the soul doesn’t have any pain or hurt. Nothing at all. And it’s only the human body that’s suffering, not the soul. And, you know, I’ve seen so many times have witnessed, you know, the soul being lifted from the body and it is going with the guardian angel and it hesitating and looking at the loved ones and, and then it’s gone. But what I love is, time doesn’t exist. So it’s like the next moment the soul of your loved one can be right back there helping to comfort you. Helping you to get through the loss and the pain and the grief can be so hard for some people that it’s like an ice block in your chest, a hole, just this big hole, you know? But they’re gone to heaven and they are perfect. Heaven is incredible. I can’t describe it. It’s like when you get there, like loads of times God has sent me back, you know, and I have often refused, but it didn’t work, you know, it didn’t work. I was told I had to go back and that was it. And but you don’t want to go back, not even for your loved ones. Like, because your loved one can do more for those they have left behind. Because they can intercede, they can ask for more. And the one thing I love about a loved one – depending on how close you were to them, okay- you can even smell them when they’re in the room. You know they’re there.

Alison Martin: Yes.

Lorna Byrne: And and they give us loads of signs. Loads of memories. You know, someone, a stranger could say something and it brings tears to your eyes because it’s reminding you of your loved one. So I always say how the soul in your guardian angel and the other angels got that person into that area to say those words so you could hear them, you know? And I met a mother there recently and her grief is horrific. She lost her daughter and she just said it’s very hard, but now I’m getting comfort. But the grief never goes. It’s just that you can cope with it. Live life. But the hurt and the pain is still there. The loss is still there. I know that myself. Even with Joe, like, I still miss him. Right. You know, at times I’d say, well, I’m glad you’re not here, you know? And then other times I’d say, I wish you were here, you know, give your children and your grandchildren now a helping hand as well. And you know, and I would even give out to him and many times I have seen him as well and that can happen for people. One way is it can happen for people is sometimes when you’re walking down the street and it’s crowded, you might spot someone in the distance and they look so like your loved one, but when they come up you realize, no, they don’t even look like them. But that’s where the soul has. How would I? The only human way I can describe is kind of stepped in front of them for you to see. You know, giving you a glimpse in that in that way.

Alison Martin: That’s a beautiful way of putting it.

Jean Trebek: Well said.

Lorna Byrne: Because I know it’s so hard for everyone. And you know, grief is… I was explaining at a workshop that this lady was at and I was saying, grief can be so different for others. You know, it depends on how connected you were to that person. And the more connected you were, the more you loved them…It’s like a how would I call a string being cut, something being cut, and suddenly, you know, they’re not here physically and anymore. And that pain is horrific. I hope I didn’t say too much now.

Speaker4: Oh, no.

Alison Martin: We’re just taking it all in. And we’re bathing in your words.

Jean Trebek: It’s so beautiful. I too lost my husband three years ago, actually, on today. This would be his third year anniversary.

Lorna Byrne: Oh, I’m so sorry.

Jean Trebek: Thank you. And I actually feel he helped orchestrate our time together because he knew how much I loved the angels. And so it’s really a treat to have you talk with us today.

Alison Martin: So it’s beautiful. Can I just ask another question? Do you feel as though when someone passes away, can they become an angel? Is there like a system of angels?

Lorna Byrne: I have to smile and laugh because God and the angels told me no. But they love when someone says my husband is an angel in heaven, or my child is an angel in heaven. Now it’s an expression of love, and the angels love that. And God loves that too, you know? Um, but every soul is more than any angel ever could be.

Lorna Byrne: I think again, that’s very, very powerful. But the angels do love when we say my loved one is an angel. They they smile and it’s expression of love. Because we look on angels as good, protective, loving, caring, you know, compassionate in that way. And that’s the way we want our loved one to be. That’s the way your loved one is. They’re perfect. Right? They are that spark of light of God. And they’re there for you. You can call on them. You can give out to them, you know, you can write a letter to them. You can say, come on, pull your socks up and help me here with this, because they hear you. And just say, you know. Um, a few months or a few weeks passed and you said to yourself, oh, I haven’t even thought of my loved one over these past few short period because I’ve been so engrossed in other things. But your loved one has been coming and going all the time, keeping an eye on you. But that coming and going is, again, I would say it’s there’s no such thing as time. So for you that can be forever, you know? Or sometimes someone would say, I could feel my loved one in and around me all day. But for your loved one, it was a fleeting moment. But for us humans, it was a whole day. Right?

Alison Martin: I like the idea that there’s no time. That it’s all… it’s all possible right now.

Jean Trebek: Yeah. Me too.

Jean Trebek: So, Lorna, you’re working on a sanctuary that you’re building in Ireland?

Lorna Byrne: Yeah. And that’s a miracle.

Jean Trebek: Can you tell us a little bit about the sanctuary?

Lorna Byrne: Well, the sanctuary is something that God had shown me when I was a child. And through my life, just the same as when God had said I would write books and archangel and the angels kept reminding me, you know. And I thought God and the angels were crazy because I couldn’t even write my name. Never mind even pronounce it properly. And just like the time Archangel Michael when I was wheeling my daughter home in her pram, you know, saying, I have a message for you. And I getting so annoyed with them because I was a busy mum, you know. What are you doing pestering me for? I haven’t time for this. And just stopping and turning and looking at them, you know. And he just said, you will write soon. And I remember saying to him that day, you know, how on earth does God expect me to write even one book when I can’t even read or write? And he just said help would be sent. And it’s the same thing with the sanctuary. Um, and it’s here in Ireland, and it has been a huge miracle, and people have been responding and helping in so many different ways. It’s cutting the story short… So here I’m trying to say what part of the story will cut short? And I’ve been in the house. Been in the sanctuary. And during my life and not knowing but being there spiritually and holding God’s hand and looking out the these enormous windows, onto a lake, everything you know, and then skipping again. And one day, when Joe was still alive and we were heading down here to a friend’s house, and for me, it was like as if everything went in slow motion. And Archangel Michael was standing at these two pillars, this old gate. And Joe just said, Lorna, are you okay? He knew something was wrong. And I said to Archangel Michael without speaking out, you know. That’s crazy. No way. Because you could only over the wall see this tiny little roof. And he said, you will live here one day. And Joe was already pretty sick – like there was no way. Like definitely crazy. And then time passed. And this family in America got Angels in My Hair and. How would I say this? And miracles happened in their lives because of it, you know. And life was saved as well. And the couple somehow managed to find me, and they came to visit. And he just said, here at the farmhouse, you know, we’ll add on rooms because I was telling him all the things we were doing that we don’t advertise like we do loads, we don’t advertise at all.

Lorna Byrne: And he said, well, I’ll build on rooms onto your house because no money like, you know, and, um, applied for planning permission. Didn’t get it. Wasn’t God’s plan. And then, one of the girls that my son knows, he said to her, look for some place that mom can give talks, you know, and it’s not too expensive a hall or something like that. And while she was looking online, she came across this place that was for sale, the Sanctuary, and she just sent it to my son as a joke, you know, with a ha ha ha on it, like, you know. And then my son sent it to me and said, mom, he was on the phone to me- now touch the link because he had to guide me and I touched the link. What do you think the first thing I saw? The pillars and the gate. I nearly crumbled and I said, God, what are you up to? And the video held on the gate for a minute or two. You know? I like that I could still see this little roof, you know, falling asunder, collapsing. Said, What’s God up to? But then the video started to move down this windy, just a little tiny road, a very tiny, not road like, um. And then came out at this big house.

Lorna Byrne: The same house that I stood in with God on umpteen occasions and the lake was there. Except the lake was filled with silt now. I just said, God, what are you up to? And just that, that couple bought it and gave it like there’s the miracle. Like I don’t have money as such, you know, and gave it and then gave some money towards repair because they said in another year the seven roofs would have fallen in. So we’re doing a lot of work there at the sanctuary and doing workshops and all that, and we grow our own food. So it’s purely organic and we have a forest, so we do nature, you know, we’re doing umpteen things because that’s one thing God and the angels taught me everything out in nature, you know. So I even have teachers and professors coming, you know, ordinary people coming like myself, you know, and a few times it has been said, but we didn’t know that. And here I am looking at them. But how come you didn’t know that.

Lorna Byrne: You went to Oxford or whatever, and you can read books and you can go on the internet and get information, and I can’t do it that way. It’s just to me, it’s just incredible. And I know it’s expensive probably to come because people have to fly and tickets and everything like that. But one day I know one day will come when we won’t have to charge anybody. Somehow it will be funded or somebody will fund it where we could just say to people, if you want to leave a donation, you can leave a donation. But then we would be able to do an awful lot more of extreme cases, as I call them, those that, you know, it’s like having a 14 year old little girl and she’s standing in front of me and she came into a workshop with her granny, and she’s telling the story, you know, and showing her wrists where she’s already harmed herself because she’s been bullied. So we’d look on her as an extreme case. How can we help her to give her encouragement, confidence and belief in herself? And we’ve done that loads of times, you know, so even a mom coming who might be like your husband terminal, you know, or a child, and they’re coming and staying for a while with us. You know, there’s so many things we do without advertising it. You know, it’s separate from those that come for a workshop. You know that that’s at the moment has to offer. You say pay the expenses.

Lorna Byrne: I’m no good at that part. As soon as somebody comes in the gate, they just say they feel so much peace and so much love. And it’s like, as if, you know, they’re hundreds of miles away from the world. It’s like, where do they put it? Even though the the road is not that far away, but it’s like as if they are that God has, you know, put this bubble over it in that way

Lorna Byrne: And they just say they feel so much peace. And they, in a sense, don’t feel like going back to the world, but they have to because they have families and work and everything like that. But I would say always remember – bring that peace and love with you to the way you have changed here. Now bring that home with you. Because that’s the important part. You know, to open our hearts and to have that love and that compassion and understanding and, you know, to enjoy life. You know, to enjoy life. So the sanctuary is an absolute miracle. And the miracles are still unfolding there. But I know we need lots more miracles to unfold. It’s in God’s hand and kilfane is an Irish word, but to translate it, it means sacred place.

Lorna Byrne: We didn’t know that now till a year later. And someone said to us, do you know what Kilfane means? Translate it. Sacred place. And it definitely is.

Alison Martin: Well, you. You are like an angel on earth, Lorna.

Jean Trebek: Absolutely. Yes you are.

Alison Martin: Thank you for sharing all that with us. You’re just so. I hope we can speak again. You really are just so. I feel so wonderful right now. Thank you.

Lorna Byrne: Yeah, well, I love the way it is it’s like, as if we’re in our kitchen. You know, I love the way your room is there. It’s kind of, you know, you’re just sitting on chairs, you know, and just relaxed. And we’re in conversation and the conversation has been absolutely wonderful. So I ask for blessings for you. Both of you.

Jean Trebek: Thank you,

Alison Martin: Thank you,

Lorna Byrne: And your families and all your listeners as well.

Jean Trebek: Thank you. And we bless the continuation of the sanctuary becoming a place that people are healed and restored to great joy and health.

Alison Martin: Thank you so much, Lorna, for everything you’re doing.

Alison Martin: I well, first my biggest feeling was just her gentleness and the way she spoke with us was so peaceful. And her energy is so different than mine because I’m like… And she’s she was just so lovely. Isn’t that amazing that we’re surrounded by entities and energies that just want to help us?

Jean Trebek: Exactly. And that we’re never alone and that we do have to call on them for help and somehow some way they work with the energy to assist us. Right. And I definitely have been even in my past, calling on my angels for help. And I could talk to you all afternoon about stories where the angels have shown up in my life and just kind of smooth the certain situation or given me ideas. And as she says, you know, the angels sometimes place an idea in someone else’s mind to go bring someone flowers or go give that person a hug. And so it was so beautiful.

Alison Martin: I totally do those things now. I think when I was younger, I’d say I could do that tomorrow or no, that seems silly. now I totally act. If I have an urge to call someone or or drop them a line or send them soup or bring them flowers, I act on it.

Jean Trebek: You do, you know.

Alison Martin: And I think sometimes it doesn’t even come from me. And I’m very aware that if I’m really thinking of someone, I somehow get a call from them.

Jean Trebek: Right? I think a lot of people are starting to see that synchronicity, and that there is this subtle energy field that shows us that we are innately connected to each other. So call on your angels. That’s right. If there’s anything that you’re concerned about or fear or worry or, you know, whatever or…

Alison Martin: Just to say thank you.

Jean Trebek: Just to say thank you, like a friend of mine does this evidence journal and she writes down everything in the day that she deemed to be a miracle. And you know, she looks back and goes look at all these beautiful things that occurred, right?

Alison Martin: So our takeaway is take your angel to a movie.

Jean Trebek: Right. Exactly. Yes. You have guardian angels that are just standing by waiting for your command to help out, right.

Alison Martin: Thank you so much. And we’ll see you next time.

Jean Trebek: Yeah. Have a beautiful day.

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