What happens when you look at life as love and forget the fear?

Dr. Jerry Jampolsky and Dr. Diane Cirincione-Jampolsky, members of the Miracle Distribution Center in Orange County California, look at life through heart shaped glasses to see love, not fear.

Before Insidewink was created, we were working on a film documentary, which was all about the power of forgiveness.

We know… forgiveness is not such a glamorous topic, however it is quite liberating, and that, in and of itself, is extremely attractive. We thought who (besides Jesus) is someone that has some clout and passion around this topic?  Then Jean remembered watching Oprah when she interviewed renowned child and adult psychiatrist, Gerald Jampolsky, M.D.  Oprah was so taken with what Gerald had to say about forgiveness, that this very quote has been reported to be one of Oprah’s transformational “Aha” Moments. “Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could be any different.”

That was it!  Who better than Gerald and his beautiful wife, Dianne Jampolsky, to interview on this topic? They have truly dedicated their lives to teaching countless people how to forgive, let go and live life with joy, inner peace and purpose. 
Gerald graduated from Stanford University School of Medicine, he assisted in publishing the original manuscript of “A Course in Miracles”, he’s an international best selling author, founded the first Center for Attitudinal Healing; the premise being, “healing our attitude becomes a major stepping stone towards enjoying a happy and fulfilling life.”

Diane V. Cirincione – Jampolsky, Ph.D., is the Founder and Executive Director of the global non-profit Attitudinal Healing International. She is also a Clinical Psychologist in private practice, a private entrepreneur, author, and international lecturer. 
We reached out to them, and heard back from Diane Jampolsky right away.   Before we knew it, Jean and Trish were on a plane to San Francisco to interview this sincerely wonderful and absolutely benevolent couple.  

Is Fear Your Default in Life?

Most people will default to fear. It’s a common habit, but it can be changed. We hope you benefit from their wisdom


“Failure is not the falling down, but the staying down.”

Get off the path of the Same’Ol, Same Ol’ and start a new beginning.

Dance on the edge, flirt with the unexpected, stretch beyond your grasp.

Engage in life’s surprises.

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