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Artwork by Larry Blamire


“Just trying to change the way people think about the stuff they don’t think about.”

Larry Blamire – Artist, Writer, Actor, Director

What inspires you?
Random things, especially things I see by mistake or misinterpret, which seems to happen an awful lot. All kinds of movies. Misplaced objects. Nature’s lighting design. Unknown species.

What do you love about L.A.?
Crazy diversity and a big beating pulse we don’t always keep up with but surely try.

What is your favorite saying or personal motto ?
“I want to help people think differently about the things they don’t think about.”

What is a career highpoint?
Making the film THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA. It just went right and I’m grateful.

Cake, Pie or Ice Cream?
Pie. There is no doubt, never a question in my mind.

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