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Artwork by Steven Rowe


What inspires me- Happiness inspires me, because it’s my continuous search for it. Also my grandma, who would always say, “Just be yourself”.

What I love about LA- The diversity that the city has to offer. The night life, the music, the art, the food, the people, and as my 101 year old friend would say, booze, pills and gasoline keeps this town rocking, haha.

My motto- “Enjoy the journey, we’re going to be dead a long time”. That’s a saying I made up many years ago. I write this saying under my dot paintings (The Veil Series) along with many other sayings.

My career highlight- A: I’ve had many careers. 

1: Carpenter when I was 15 for four years.

2: Professional Classical Ballet Dancer for 17 years.

3: Actor.

4: Singer/Songwriter, (with Redrebelmusic)

5: Artist/Painter for over 25 years.

So it’s hard to choose one high-point in my life, there have been many high-points, I’m very grateful.

Pie, Cake or ice cream?  ICE CREAM!!!! Haha

Want to see more of Stephen Rowe’s work?  Check out his website:


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