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Photo by Trish Geiger


What inspires me-
Light fascinates me.I love looking at things in different light. The sun is the best for that. Objects can look so different depending on the time of day and the light. Or lack of it.

What I love about LA-
I love going to the beach. I feel a sense of calm come over me every time I see the ocean. I love siting and meditating on the sand. I close my eyes and listen to the waves crashing and I am transported to another place. I love to kayak and boogey board and some day soon I will take surfing lessons.

My motto-
Just a thought
I believe that everything is thought so I like to remind myself that I am just thinking and not to take my self too seriously.

My career highlight-
When I was 13 my family went to a cabin in the mountains of Maine for a vacation. The nearest town was forty miles away. We had to get our drinking water from a spring in the mountain. It was just us and nature and my camera. I had just starting taking photographs. I had no training but an eye for composition. I took many photos of nature. My dad chose one of my photos for the cover of his magazine. The issue was about solar energy, he wanted a photo of nature. That encouraged me to continue my photography.

Pie, Cake or ice cream?
Ice-Cream… I love Rocky Road ice cream; chocolate, almonds and marshmallow. I love it when the marshmallow part is creamy swirls instead of marshmallows. Turkey Hill makes the best Rocky Road Ice-cream!IMHO


You can almost hear the uncoupling. “Your mother has 3 weeks to live.” You can feel the lift off. “You’re pregnant.” You can sense the profundity. “You didn’t get the job.”
At that moment, you know that the path, the journey, the track you are on is changing

Peach Cobbler Recipe

Keep those sandals on! Jean’s delicious Peach Cobbler is perfect for the last days of summer! It’s easy to put together, and who doesn’t enjoy a semi-sweet dessert served with ice cream or whipped cream, or both?

Brennan’s Discovering Abilities Library

“I started this library to help every person feel important” — Brennan’s Discovering Abilities Library encourages people of all abilities to thrive. “Every person has unique abilities to share.”





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