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What is insidewink?

insidewink is an online magazine where creativity and goodness meet

We are an online magazine that features original writing, good news, video interviews, artists, recipes, music, and affirmations. The mission of insidewink is to provide a platform so we can mutually experience the creativity and joy of life, all while acknowledging what we have in common.  In short… the mission of insidewink is to “share the good.”

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What is insidewink’s story?

It all began with Jean Trebek’s idea

Jean Trebek was inspired to begin a film on one of her favorite topics: Forgiveness. She asked her colleagues, Trish Geiger and Alison Martin, to help her structure and videotape interviews with some of the country’s foremost mindfulness visionaries. Jeanette DuBois was also brought on to edit these videos. As Jean completed more interviews, she realized that she wanted to create a more immediate, “living” platform that could be continually evolving and ever-changing.

The original four met with Patti Ring and Stephen O’Bryan (of SmackSmog) and they embarked on creating an online magazine that would spread goodness –

Press Releases

june 2019

october 2018

Press Hits

good morning america

Alex Trebek discusses Jean’s project – insidewink – by comparing the love he is receiving with what Jean is providing.

good news network

The Good News Network shares the goals and ideas of another “good-news-spreader” – insidewink.

The Cantore Show

100.7 San Diego’s Chris Cantore and Meryl Klemow talk with Jean Trebek about insidewink and spreading positivity on their morning show segment “Tell Me Something Good”


Survivornet shares the good of insidewink. “Jean’s new website brims with hope and love.”

good housekeeping

Good Housekeeping’s Kayla Keegan highlights Jean Trebek’s recent post Peace Within.

science of mind magazine

An interview with insidewink’s Jean Trebek.


Staying positive and grounded during difficult times. An interview with Jean Trebek on faith, healing and sharing the beauty of life through insidewink.

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Jean Trebek & Alison Martin

insidewink co-founders | Photo by Patti Ring

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