Bob Malone

Bob Malone is known by many as the keyboard player for John Fogerty, but he also has written and released numerous albums of his own and is a brilliant performer who tours his own music when not on the road with Fogerty. 

This latest release he wrote for his wife, Karen Nash, a multi-talented woman who is not only a Public Defender by day, but a singer/songwriter by night, and sings background vocals with her husband. 

In Bob’s words: ‘My wife – the Karen in this song – is the most empathetic soul I have ever known. Blessed with the gifts to be and do almost anything she wanted, she chose to dedicate her life to helping those less fortunate. And, though she is strong, sometimes she loses all hope. This song is just my way of reminding her that she is among the many unsung heroes who walk among us, quietly making the world a better place.” 

It is everything we stand for – a song literally titled “Good People” -reminding us that there are indeed many good people out there and to keep that in mind when things seem to be going badly in the world. 

Bob has divulged to these Winkers that he prefers cake with ice cream on the side, and anyone who says differently is lying!  Here is to the many good people all around us.

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