Dedicated to Assisting and Uplifting  Humanity

The wonderfully angelic Stephanie Ann Lodge is a new friend of Jean Trebek’s. She met Stephanie at the Bodhi Tree, where Stephanie was one of the guest speakers at an event led by Michel Pascal (look for him in an upcoming “watch it” video). 

When Stephanie walks into a room, all eyes are on her… not just because of her beautiful, statuesque appearance but because of the emanation of love and grace she exudes. Her life has been dedicated to assisting and uplifting  humanity by allowing the divine angelic presence to speak through her. This may sound “Woo Woo” (isn’t it wonderful we live in a world where we all know that that means?) but she is the real deal. Whether or not you believe in any spiritual guidance is not important when listening to Stephanie because you can feel her true love, patience and wisdom. Jean remembers listening to Stephanie talk about the power of the heart and how the intelligence of the heart is the most powerful manifesting tool we have.

We are the architects of our life experiences.

Stephanie emphasizes, “When we understand that all is intelligent energy in action, we realize that everything we experience has the potential to be transformed. When we realize all is malleable, then through the power of our minds we are the artists or architects of our life experiences. One of her favorite quotes and one that has really inspired Jean is, “YOU ARE THE GOLD WITHIN, WAITING TO BE REVEALED THROUGH ALCHEMICAL FIRE. I AM SIMPLY HERE TO LIGHT THE MATCH.”

Stephanie Ann Lodge holds a degree in Metaphysical Science and is working toward a masters in the same field while studying for her doctorate in philosophy. She is a claircognizant and clairsentient, which allows her to “stream” write, having written the inspiring book, “Soul Scars: Rising Phoenix”. 

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