The wonderful Nan Rae in her studio as she talks with Jean Trebek.

Sometimes a person is so free – openly sharing their beauty and their creativity – that it truly moves you. That’s Nan Rae. Her kind heart and loving presence speaks for itself.

She is a wonderful artist and has published her art for over a decade. Although she started in “western” art, she found that she has an affinity for Chinese brush painting and her work is truly amazing. She has over 500 images that have been used as greeting cards. Nan has written a book entitled The Chi’ of the Brush and has also illustrated some books; Gary Shoup’s Suma the Elephant, Zen of Teaching by Dane R. Pascoe and 101 Pebbles & Life is a Jewel by Joan Marques.

Jean remembers meeting Nan Rae:

“Over 25 years ago and 8 months pregnant with my daughter, my mom and I attended a wonderful Japanese Brush Painting class at the glorious Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens in Pasadena, California.  Personally, I can’t even draw a stick figure. My mom however, has a natural knack for painting (although she doesn’t think so).  The teacher then and still today, is the beautiful Nan Rae…and I loved her at first sight.  She was extraordinarily generous with her grace, sweet humor and talent.  Her primary goal was to move us all (12 students or so) out of the notion to paint something perfect, and into the allowance of the Creative flow… without judgement. I was truly taken with how Nan went around the classroom finding the beauty in everyone’s creation…even mine.  As a recovering perfectionist, it was so hard for me to accept that Nan truly saw a bamboo shaft in my vertical line…but she did, and I remember feeling so acknowledged by her.  The Japanese call this way of seeing/acknowledgement “Wabi Sabi”, seeing the perfection in the imperfection. This is just one of the gifts that Nan Rae gives to her students and friends, the willingness to see everything thru the eyes of Love.”  

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