The idea of acceptance and allowing life to be as it is, are lessons we seem to be constantly learning. This month, our “Watch It” video focuses on the best-selling author, Daniel Miller, as he discusses with Jean the importance of choosing acceptance and the amazingly freeing gifts it brings. His books – The Gifts Of Acceptance and Losing Control, Finding Serenity – illuminate a path that allows us to release our need to control.

Daniel began his career as a real estate instructor in the UCLA extension program and during his early career wrote the best seller – How to Invest in Real Estate Syndicates. He then created the the California Institute of Real Estate Education and became financially successful… yet he felt no inner peace. As life unfolded, Daniel experienced a series of traumas and financial setbacks that changed his perspective and opened him up to the new path his life was taking. He soon learned new tools to let go of control and decided to share his new-found wisdom.

As Daniel says, “It is a constant challenge to practice acceptance, especially when the stakes seem high or the circumstances dire, or when our resentments are strong.”  

We totally agree! Listening to Danny brought so much up for us. Sometimes things feel so out of control that our first response is to… well… try to control things… Control gives us the false idea that we are in charge. Danny shows us that there are tools that we can use daily to create true acceptance and peace for ourselves. He practices with clear intentions and the Serenity Prayer to help release our thoughts of anger or resentment. With Father’s Day coming up and Mother’s Day just passed, this discussion of acceptance is especially timely.

We so enjoyed speaking with Danny!

Want to learn more about the dynamics of control and acceptance? Visit Daniel Miller’s website and check out his many articles on this topic.

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