Nurses-To-Be and Their Small Acts of Kindness

The Academy Director for Bay Path Practical Nursing reached out about these three woman and the small kindnesses these nurses-to-be have shown.

Katie Riggs – A Singing Teacher That Inspires

From a musical family, Katie Riggs has had a love of music for her entire life… one that she shares as a top LA singer teacher. Kind, open, effusive you’ll fall in love with Katie!

Genein M. Letford’s Mission to Spread Intercultural Creativity

The amazing Genein M. Letford is a national spokesman that is shifting perspectives about creative thinking strategies and our ability to work with people from various cultures.

interesting people

Highlighting people who are shining their own light. Unbeknownst to them, they are inspiring us and others – our everyday heroes, artists, interviews and videos of people who have something good to share.

How Cancer Helped Me See the Blessings in Life

“After I got through some of the initial shock and trauma of the prognosis, I made a specific choice to change my perspective from one of doom to one of hope”

The Japanese Puffer Fish – Artist of the Month

The Japanese Puffer Fish works tirelessly to create a beautiful piece of geometric art to attract a worthy mate… and what did you do on Valentine’s Day?

Carousel Ranch: Where Therapy is Disguised as Fun!

Following their hearts and their love of horses, the founders of Carousel Ranch are utilizing the healing power of horses to improve the lives of differently abled children and young adults through equestrian therapy & vocational programs.

Teaching from a Distance: Everyday Hero Carol Koepenick

We love teachers! Especially now, when the pandemic has completely changed what a “classroom” is. Our everyday hero is Carol Koepenick, a teacher for 30 years who shares a little bit about her day.

Spreading Joy Through Song: Karen Drucker

Karen Drucker sings from the heart and reaches ours while inspiring and give us a moment of peace and kindness.


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