One Woman’s Journey Towards Living Plastic-Free

Lisa Rogers takes steps to help our planet by shrinking her plastic footprint and hopes our readers will take the journey with her. When’s a better time to clean out our drawers?

Jade G. Campo – Artist of The Month

Our artist this month is Jane Campo… the daughter of two artists she definitely has her own fantastic style!

Matthew Trebek: Everyday Hero Serving Up True Hospitality

Matthew Trebek, Jean and Alex’s son, is a successful restaurateur with a heart of gold. He and his business partner, Nodar, serve up true hospitality by giving back to their community.

interesting people

Highlighting people who are shining their own light. Unbeknownst to them, they are inspiring us and others – our everyday heroes, artists, interviews and videos of people who have something good to share.

Vi Wickam Plays Violin and Pulls our Heart Strings

Jean spends a minute with violinist Vi Wickam and learns what makes him love music so much.

Kathleen Noone on Surrendering vs. Allowing

Kathleen Noone, our wonderful friend and spiritual advisor, speaks with Jean Trebek about the misconception of the idea of surrender and the openess of an “allowing” heart.

SurvivorNet’s Steve Alperin Turns a Personal Tragedy into a Valuable Cancer Resource

Steve Alperin is at the heart of SurvivorNet’s mission — To bring comfort and power to those looking for answers by creating a valuable online resource for cancer treatment and prevention.

Artist of the Month – Alex Halliday

Alex Halliday is our artist of the month. She is living in England and does beautiful portrait work. We hope you enjoy Alex Halliday!

The NoHo Home Alliance: A Community Based Response to Homelessness

Jean and Patti visit an event at the NoHo Home Alliance in North Hollywood to see first hand how volunteers are turning the tide on homelessness.


Stephanie Lodge – Good Vibrations

Stephanie Lodge – Good Vibrations

When Stephanie walks into a room, all eyes are on her… not just because of her beautiful, statuesque appearance but because of the emanation of love and grace she exudes. Whether or not you believe in any spiritual guidance is not important when listening to Stephanie because you can feel her true love, patience and wisdom.

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