Happiness is…Reading Some Good News!

We search the world each month for our Happy Headlines to lift you up, inspire and bring a some happiness to your day.

Education Equity for Underserved Families: Learning Rights Law Center

Learning Rights Law Center helps with legal representation for those who, as a consequence of disability or discrimination, have been denied equal access to public education.

What’s Good? Gifts, Treats, & Experiences You Can Order Online

Jean and the team asks “what’s good?” and shares products, places, and things that they love – this month; roses, cookies, laundry baskets and Live music!

good finds

There is so much good around us… here you will find charities we admire, products we recommend in staff picks, books we like and headlines that remind us of the endearing nature of humanity… so, go ahead… save that kitten!


The IR David Foundation: Dedicated to Preserving the Biblical City of David

The IR David Foundation is featured on insidewink this month, as they commit to saving the City of David and its rich history

What to Watch: “See” TV Series on Apple TV

In a world where no one can see and everyone thinks that vision does not exist, two children are born with sight and no one knows. Starring Jason Mamoa

The Farrah Fawcett Foundation – A Focus on Cancer Research And Support

Alana Stewart and the Farrah Fawcett Foundation is doing great work in cancer research and the support they give to cancer patients.

What’s Good? Soft Dog Treats, Shooting with Film and Natural Hair Color

We love sharing products and places that we’ve used and adore. Every month we create a list of personal “finds” that we hope you enjoy!


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