Alaskan Wolves Capture Hearts at Shadowland Foundation

Saving wolves with passion, programs & by changing the way they are perceived. They will steal your hearts in the same way they captivated ours.

Enjoying Our Time At Home Discovering New Things to Love

insidewink loves to “share the good” so here’s this month’s Staff Picks of products we love and want you to know about! We’ve got something for everyone.

Dieting Sucks, Pregnancy & Menopause Sucks: Joanne Kimes

Joanne Kimes, author of the “Sucks” line of books and a new novel “Finding Paris” talks about being a writer, her inspiration and how life doesn’t “suck”!

good finds

There is so much good around us… here you will find charities we admire, products we recommend in staff picks, books we like and headlines that remind us of the endearing nature of humanity… so, go ahead… save that kitten!


Happy Mind. Happy Planet. Happy Headlines for Good Living!

5 Happy Headlines for good living! Mind. Body. Soul. Earth. It’s all connected & taking care of each leads to a happier, healthier life & planet.

Hope Of The Valley: Everyone Deserves A Second Chance

Why Jean & Alex Trebek decided to help Hope of the Valley and its mission to prevent, reduce and eliminate poverty, hunger and homelessness. A story full of faith, giving and compassionate action.

Handy Kitchen Gadget: Kuhn Rikon Pull Chop Review

We were curious how well could a hand-powered device would chop vegetables and we were impressed with the Kuhn Rikon Pull Chop!

Education Equity for Underserved Families: Learning Rights Law Center

Learning Rights Law Center helps with legal representation for those who, as a consequence of disability or discrimination, have been denied equal access to public education.

What’s Good? Gifts, Treats, & Experiences You Can Order Online

Jean and the team asks “what’s good?” and shares products, places, and things that they love – this month; roses, cookies, laundry baskets and Live music!


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