Today is a Gift

All too often, we at insidewink ask ourselves – how does a website that strives to “share the good” deal with the brutality and chaos we see around us? Our best idea is to continue to express the love we know is present through it all.

We came upon this video from Brother David Steidl-Rast today, the same day that the Highland Independence Day Parade was struck by violence and we thought it was important to share it.

Steidl-Rast is a 95 year old Benedictine Monk and “serves a worldwide Network for Grateful Living, through

We had the immense pleasure of interviewing Kristi Nelson, the executive director of about her inspiring book “Wake Up Grateful”. You can watch our interview with Kristi here.

We hope all of us take Brother David Steidl-Rast’s beautiful words to heart… and maybe if one person who feels desperate, lonely, or isolated… someone who can’t seem to find their way watches this video… then maybe, just maybe their heart can be slightly uplifted and relieved…. maybe they can feel a moment of hope and choose the path of gratitude.

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