Saying “You Matter” Matters! Changing Lives One Card at a Time

Cheryl Rice founded The You Matter Marathon and wants to connect us all by sharing YOU MATTER cards that acknowledge how important we are. It’s so simple and so powerful.

California Captured in Peter Kares Street Photography

Street photographer Peter Kares: Capturing California, evoking thought and telling visual stories though his photography.

1 Month. 1 Million Steps. $1 Million for Pancreatic Cancer.

One man is personally walking one million steps in a month to raise $1 million for Pancreatic cancer research. That’s FIVE HOURS of walking a day!

interesting people

Highlighting people who are shining their own light. Unbeknownst to them, they are inspiring us and others – our everyday heroes, artists, interviews and videos of people who have something good to share.

Val Kilmer’s New Inspiration: HelMel Studio & Gallery

Creating art and mentoring artists, Val Kilmer keeps evolving, keeps going, keeps growing and is flourishing in his new workspace & studio.

Hero Mom to 9 Kids: Fostering Love to Children in Need

“I’ll tell you how I live my life, with nine kids, in a town with some flair.” Our very own contributor, Rachel Marie Cowan, is truly making a difference in the lives of her large extended family.

Making Connections Through Creativity: Kate Chassner Artist of the Month

insidewink’s artist of the month, Kate Chassner: Working with collage, she strives to represent the connections we all make through life.

Rising Appalachia: Folk Roots Music That Inspires

Two sisters whose music both honors and transcends the folk roots style in which it is based. Rising Appalachia’s “I Am Resilient” is so moving and perfect for these times.

Frontline at Trader Joe’s: Everyday Hero Max Lazebnik

Adapting to our new way of shopping in the pandemic: Max Lazebnik unwavering dedication to his colleagues and his customers during the Covid-19 pandemic


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